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Folding glass walls

A lot of decision making goes into making your sunroom the perfect addition to your North Carolina home. Along with choosing furnishings and flooring, homeowners have to consider the walls of their sunrooms. Solar Innovations® folding glass walls offered by Outdoor Living Roomzz LLC, the North Carolina modern sunroom construction experts, are an excellent option for homeowners who want their sunrooms to be energy efficient without losing views of the outside landscaping. Solar Innovations® folding glass walls, also known as accordion style or bi-fold walls, have in-folding and out-folding panels that can accommodate swing doors, allowing homeowners to enter and exit their sunroom without maneuvering all of the panels. If you're interested in folding glass walls or stacking glass walls for your North Carolina home, give us a call today.

What Do Folding Glass Walls Offer?

  • Customization - Folding glass walls by Solar Innovations® can be tailored to suit a number of spaces. Whether your sunroom is small or large, panels can be designed to fit the space, and they can be configured to surround multiple face, straight, curved, and angular openings. Homeowners can also select glazing options, including tinted, acid etched, and frosted. Low-E glazing is also available for homeowners who value UV protection and energy efficiency.
  • Durability - Solar Innovations® folding glass walls are designed to withstand extreme weather conditions, including hurricane force winds.
  • Simple Operation - The streamlined design of folding glass walls allows operators to open and close the walls single-handedly with minimal effort.
  • Temperature Regulation - Thermally-enhanced frames can be selected when purchasing Solar Innovations® folding glass walls. Many people opt for these frames because they maintain indoor temperatures while reducing energy costs.

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