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Stacking glass walls

As you explore options for your North Carolina sunroom, consider incorporating stacking glass walls. Outdoor Living Roomzz LLC, the premier name for modern sunroom construction in North Carolina, offers high-quality Solar Innovations® stacking glass walls that provide expansive views of the outdoors while maintaining indoor temperatures. Stacking glass walls include top hung systems that require headers.

When you wish to open the wall, the panels can be stacked into a parking bay that is either perpendicular or parallel to the track. The Solar Innovations® stacking glass walls offered by Outdoor Living Roomzz LLC function well as exterior walls of homes, especially the walls of your sunroom. If you're interested in new stacking glass walls or folding glass walls for your North Carolina home, give us a call today.

What Do Stacking Glass Walls Offer?

  • Customization - The features of Solar Innovations® stacking glass walls can be customized to fit a range of requirements and preferences. Panels can be constructed in a variety of sizes, configurations, and glazing options. The panels can be configured to enclose angular, curved, straight, and multiple face openings. Glazing options include decorative glass that is frosted, tinted, or acid etched as well as Low-E glazing that functions well because of its energy efficiency and UV protective properties.
  • Simple Operation - Stacking glass walls are designed to operate smoothly. Top hung panels slide across tracks and then stack in place securely. Operation is usually so effortless that the panels can be moved with only one hand.
  • Trackless Options - Stacking glass walls can also be purchased without a floor track. Trackless stacking glass walls are secured by placing the concealed rods into floor strikes. The trackless option is suitable for rooms that require a seamless transition between them.
  • Temperature Regulation - People choose Solar Innovations® stacking glass walls because of their excellent ability to regulate temperature in a room, a feature which lowers energy usage and costs. Thermally-enhanced frames offer a barrier that prevents the escape and entry of cool or warm air.

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