4 Features That Your Sunroom Should Have

4 features your sunroom should have

A lot of planning goes into adding modern sunrooms to Greensboro homes. As you determine your sunroom's function and architectural design, you'll want to consider which materials to use as well as which features to include in your room addition. If planning your sunroom construction alone seems daunting, request advice from an experienced contractor who specializes in traditional sunrooms.


Regardless of your modern sunroom's function, you'll likely require seating for your new room. If you're utilizing your sunroom as an additional living space, consider adding a leather sofa and plush pillows. If you're planning to build a conservatory sunroom, wicker armchairs pair nicely with greenery and rustic d├ęcor items. Additionally, a hanging daybed would provide a place to rest if you're worried about sleeping arrangements when guests come to visit.

Window Treatments

As a result of the immense amount of light that a sunroom allows into a living space, installing window treatments is a good idea. Homeowners of modern sunrooms have many window treatments to choose from, including blinds, shades, shutters, and draperies. For sunrooms with limited air conditioning, window treatments are especially important to maintain a comfortable room temperature. Additionally, many window treatments offer privacy when closed.

Weather Stripping

Weather stripping is an essential component of a sunroom because exposure to natural elements, such as rain, wind, snow, and ice, can decrease the longevity of the sunroom's materials and increase the frequency of sunroom repairs. The weather stripping you choose often depends on the type of sunroom you build. For instance, polypropylene weather stripping is used in three season rooms and screen rooms, polypropylene weather stripping with a fin seal is used in three season rooms, and triple polypropylene weather stripping with a fin seal is used in solariums and four season rooms.

Locking System

You may want to consider a locking system if protecting the items in your sunroom and limiting access to the rest of your home are important to you. Owners of modern sunrooms should look for locking systems that are easy to maneuver and that lock door and window screens securely.

The features of your Greensboro sunroom can be customized to your household's needs and preferences, so if you have questions about what to include in your sunroom, reach out to Outdoor Living Roomzz LLC, a trusted company that specializes in modern sunrooms.

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