3 Modern Sunroom Features You Can't Live Without

3 modern sunroom features you need

While a beautiful design can make any room special, modern sunrooms aren't all about the look, they're also about function. As you go about your long day, the last thing you want is to struggle with every window in your sunroom just to enjoy the evening breeze.

Modern products make your sunroom special and much more enjoyable to use. Plus, they do add to the designer style of the room. Take a look at these 3 modern sunroom features you won't want to live without.

Dealing With Large Sections Of Glass In Your Sunroom

Sunrooms are mostly made of windows rather than walls, so every wall needs a good solution. There are two modern sunroom products that can deal with large expanses of glass and provide you some awesome benefits.

Modern products like argon gas glass or Low-E glass offer you the energy-efficiency you need for this room.

But you can take your sunroom design up a notch with products like Raynor garage doors and specialty sliding doors by PGT. These products operate wirelessly and can be integrated to work with other smart home systems.

The Full View Glass Doors are made to cover wide openings and are installed to slide up into the ceiling or lower into the floor so they stay hidden when you open the door.

Impact-Resistant Doors & Windows For Modern Sunrooms

PGT WinGuard sunroom doors provide an all-in-one solution for continuous, effortless protection from hurricanes, outside noise, UV rays, and intruders.

If you want a modern sunroom, this is the specialty sliding door to install. PGT WinGuard also offers the same protection in sunroom windows.

Retractable Screens For Sunrooms

Retractable screens offer you protection from insects and other critters while allowing the breeze in. This is very convenient for a modern sunroom, especially on those nice evenings when the mosquitos come out. Plus, they add to the designer look of your home. They can be installed with the Raynor garage doors.

Since retractable screens can be outfitted with wireless technology, you can connect the operation of your retractable screen with your other smart home systems.

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